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Playing Lessons

Practice and lessons are a great way to optimize your swing and increase your scoring potential, but sometimes it’s the decisions made during the round that effects scoring the most. 


This season I will be doing on course playing lessons to help with your mental approach and course strategy. 


Lessons will include an in depth game analysis, strategy to improve scoring moving forward and a lesson summary.

What you need to know

Playing lessons will take place at Oakville Executive Golf Course or Tyandaga Golf Course. 


Playing lessons will likely only be available on Fridays, exceptions can be made if suitable for both parties.


Cost is $249.99 for single person, $269.99 for two people and $289.99 for three people playing lessons.


All playing lessons are 9 holes and pricing does not include the green fees.

Golf Course with Lake

How to get started

All playing lessons need to be organized at least a week in advance to ensure a time that works for everyone can be found.

There is no option to book playing lessons on the website, you will need to contact me directly or through the website.

I look forward to helping you all achieve your goals!

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